At Riverview, small groups are integral to our goal of glorifying God by developing mature followers of Jesus Christ through the power of his Word. We aren’t a church that happens to have small groups; we are a small-group-driven church that prioritizes the community that small groups foster. Our corporate time of worship on Sunday is essential, but often deeper growth takes place in the context of life-on-life relationships. Our small groups are a place to serve, to grow, and to build meaningful friendships around the Word.

Our small groups are open to anyone who wants to participate, and we warmly invite you to join one at any point in the current session. Sermon audio recordings and study notes are available; just click to download. Come to our small groups and experience the encouragement and exhortation of fellow believers!


Tuesday Morning - Seniors 

Leader: Dexter Morrison

Thursday Evening in Novelty

Leader: Gary Cloonan

Thursday Evening in Chesterland 

Leader: Todd Timco

Wednesday Evening in Chardon

Leader: Dave Fry


For more information about small groups, contact Pastor Seth, the small group coordinator .

Thursday Evening - Young Adults 

Leader: Steve Blake